Check Out These Beachfront Hotels In Fort Myers FL

Check Out These Beachfront Hotels In Fort Myers FL

Fort Myers is known for hotels on the beach because it is a major beach destination in the Sunshine State. If you are wanting to experience a beachfront vacation in the City of Palms, you certainly do want a good hotel. You might be spending most of your time on the beach and at attractions, but you certainly want to be sure that you get a good hotel. You will want a great view, a comfy bed and a relaxing place to stay in Fort Myers FL on the beach.

Lani Kai Island Resort is located at 1400 Estero Boulevard, and it is known as a place for the younger crowd. Perhaps you are a young couple vacationing, or maybe you are on Spring Break. Lani Kai Island Resort would be a lot of fun, and guess what, there is a rooftop restaurant. There is also a nightclub and live entertainment, and you get to check out the pier and the beach. Have all kinds of fun at Lani Kai Resort.

Diamond Head Beach Resort is also a good pick. Expect a really nice suite with a roomy deck according to reviews. There is a review near the top that was posted by a couple that goes to the resort every year for three times a year, and they really talk highly of the place. It seems like a really good resort hotel for booking a suite on the beach.

Hidden Harbor Suites is located on 75 Mound Road. The review highlights mention full kitchens, and that’s always nice. Of course, do you really plan on using the kitchen much while on a beach vacation? It certainly depends on the circumstances, and perhaps you have good reason to use a full kitchen. At the very least, it provides many conveniences. Hidden Harbor Suites I said to be in a great location, and so that is also something to consider.

There is also Carousel Inn on the Beach, Pierview Hotel and Suites and much more. Fort Myers is a great destination for your beach vacation. These are just some of what’s available in regards to lodging choices. You might want to take a look at these first because they are some of the best out there. But don’t think that you aren’t going to find many more top rated hotels in Fort Myers FL. You will definitely find quite a few choices if you keep looking.

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